Rose was born in 1975 in Florence, Italy. Even in childhood, Rose's life was anything but common. Her parents, an Irish artist and a French writer, raised her in the Children of God cult.

When Rose was ten, her family relocated to Oregon. She spent her teenage years working odd jobs, sleeping in nightclubs and attending beauty school.

Rose's career began one fateful day outside an L.A. gym. 18 year old Rose was spotted by a friend of indie director Gregg Araki. She became the star of Araki's film Doom Generation, and the rest is history...


1995 - Rose stars as Amy Blue in the violent indie film Doom Generation.

1996 - Rose appears as Tatum Riley in Scream, her first mainstream film.

1998 - Rose gets engaged to Marilyn Manson. She appears with him at the MTV Awards wearing a shred of fabric and a g-string.

1999 - Rose stars as Courtney Shayne in the black comedy Jawbreaker.

2001 - Rose and Marilyn Manson break up.

2001 - Rose is cast as Paige Matthews in the television series Charmed. This is her highest profile role to date.