Quotes that set Rose apart from the mainstream.


“I like Garbage a bit. I have to say I think Hole is really awful, and I really don't understand how anyone could think otherwise.” Alternative Press, 1999


When you were in junior high school, you went goth in a big way...
“A little bit, yeah; more like a weird mix between Goth and Mod. I know it sounds strange, but I somehow managed to pull it off as a look.” E! Online, 1999

“When I lived in Europe, I was usually pretty exalted for the way I looked. I had minions who would run and get me candy...But when I moved to Oregon and entered my goth phase with spiky black hair, kids threw things at me.” Maxim, 1999

What was your look back then?
“Punk-goth-Mod. I'd ride on people's Vespas listening to Bauhaus and I'd be piercing my nose in the bathroom. I had chopped-off black hair and wore Revlon Love That Red lipstick. Every guy at school came up to me and said: ‘You're the ugliest thing I've ever seen.’” The Face